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DInamic Fundamental Premium Calculator

Protecting Your Income Isn’t Out of Reach

Disability income insurance that is simple, affordable and attainable

DInamic FundamentalSM from Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York allows you to protect your most valuable asset—your income—in the event you become too sick or hurt to work. Here is how DInamic FundamentalSM helps protect your income.

It’s Simple

  • You can purchase a benefit amount up to one times your annual earnings, not to exceed $100,000
  • A single lump sum benefit is payable for a total disability that is expected to last at least one year, provided you survive the disability for at least 30 days
  • No additional benefit riders available

It’s Affordable

  • Pricing compares well with other common bill payments (cable, internet, etc.)
  • Level premium structure, meaning you pay the same amount every month
  • Premium is based on the percentage of manual duties performed in your occupation

It’s Attainable

  • Offers a simplified underwriting process
  • No extra premiums charged for substandard risks and limited exclusions may be used when needed
    • No blood or urine tests, paramedical exams, Attending Physician Statements (APS) or Personal History Interviews (PHI)
    • No income documentation
    • Short and simple application
  • No extra premiums charged for substandard risks and limited exclusions may be used when needed

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